We provide you with a custom action list is based on your goals and needs, and the life experiences of people like you.  Our one hour discovery and summary process will uncover your financial strengths and weaknesses.   

Asset allocation is used to distribute your investable assets among a variety of investment categories. This process aims to:

  • Reduce overall investment risk
  • Create more reliable investment forecasts
  • Improve the risk/return tradeoff of your portfolio
  • Diversify highly concentrated positions of employer stock or other investments

Accumulation planning also involves the choice of securities for your investment portfolio. To optimize your portfolio, basic securities including stocks, bonds, index funds, mutual funds and annuities may be used.   To protect your ability to earn and accumulate wealth, many people choose to hold insurance, as well as maintain an emergency fund, to guard against depleting savings that are intended for other goals.

Concentrated stock positions, employer-related retirement plans and stock options, margin strategies, and real estate exchanges require different expertise than typical stock and bond portfolio implementation. The goal of asset allocation is to provide you with the risk/return scenario that is most comfortable for you. There is a point for every individual where the level of risk is not worth the potential return.

Investors should note that diversification does not assure against market loss and that there is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a nondiversified portfolio.
Alternative investments may be illiquid in nature, redeemed at more or less than the original amount invested, subject to special risks, and not suitable for all investors.

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