How does a Film Avid Editor become a multi-million dollar Investment Manager in The Forbes Magazine California Women’s Leader’s Edition?!

Don’t overthink it Shãn- start by saying yes.

Forbes requested this profile after learning of my commitment to coach women how to make better financial decisions to improve themselves and those they care about (check out the Simple Impact Events page). Which angel made the recommendation is still a secret.  I suspect the offer initiated from one of the women leadership organizations I volunteer at.   My mission is to provide my clients with the support, connections, and financial confidence they need to transition to a higher level of personal growth.

In addition to developing investment plans for leaders, we apply a unique gender filter when establishing investment portfolios to generate results and impact social change by emphasizing women’s contribution to corporate decision making.

Who knew my editor’s talent for arranging abstract information and identifying patterns would become an investment strategy?!  We collaborate with experts and investors committed to a new performance measurement language we use to identify key holdings in our portfolios.   It’s exciting to see many indicators pointing back toward women!